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Online Scholarships

Many people are turning to the internet to further their education. While this may sound unconventional, online degrees are.... MORE

Why Study Online?

It's no secret that more education and skills can help you find a better job. There is a proven correlation between the level of.... MORE

How Online Classes Work

Much of the actual work involved in completion of your degree will be very much the same as in a traditional college or.... MORE

Is it Right for Me?

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Online College Degrees Information

Time has never been better to improve your education?

Online college degrees are higher education obtained through the Internet. Lectures, discussion groups, conferences and class evaluation are done using the Internet as the classroom. Accredited online college degrees are as credible as a degree from a traditional college or university, but may be better suited to your needs. If you would like to update your skills to compete in today’s competitive job market, maybe an online college degree is right for you.

Getting started isn’t complicated, and there is no advanced technology required. All you really need is a computer with reliable Internet access or regular access to one. Admissions procedures vary from one school to another, but generally speaking all you would need is your high school graduation documents (with your Grade Point Average or GPA) or equivalent, such as the General Education Development Certificate. Also, be prepared to write an admission essay explaining your goals, experience, and reasons why you want to study online. Most importantly though, be prepared to work hard. Most online college degrees will require a serious commitment from the student.

The Internet has made distance education quicker and easier than ever before. In some cases your computer and internet connection can easily replace the classroom. Sometimes technology can be a wonderful thing! Of course nothing is perfect. You have almost certainly received email promising you an online college degree in a matter of days with tales of huge salaries being made as a result. Completing reputable studies online is no cakewalk: if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

Online studies require commitment and dedication just as traditional studies do. The first step is to inform yourself, and that’s what this website is here to do.

It is never too late to return to school. More Online Continuing Education information.