While all areas of business studies are related to each other in some way, they are still very distinct. Different styles of work and different personalities can determine which area of business study may be right for you. This list is to give you a brief overview of what each of the different areas of study involve.

  • Accounting: Deals with hard numbers, bookkeeping and everyone’s favorite: taxes!
  • Administration: Focuses more on the running of businesses, as well as analyzing and making sense of data and strategy.
  • Management: Managing people and projects.
  • Marketing: Concerned with strategy, advertising campaigns, buyer behaviour and sales.
  • E-business: Combines traditional business skills with information technology. Here students will learn how to best apply technology to further advance business, through the World Wide Web and otherwise.

Take your time if you are not sure which interests you the most. You can do more research to find out what each area is all about then consider doing introduction courses to get started. Expect a fair bit of overlapping from one area of study to another. Although these studies may lead to careers that are quite different from each other, many of the concepts and topics of study can easily be applied from one domain to the next.

Degrees vs. Certificates

Most online schools will offer both degrees and certificates in these areas. Degrees will usually require more background knowledge. Expect early courses to deal with elementary concepts in a general way. A typical introductory class will be something like “Introduction to Human Resource Management.” The courses will gradually narrow in focus once the foundation knowledge is solid. Once there is a good background in a general concept, studies will shift to a more specific area such as coaching skills team, leadership or project management. Expect 2-3 years of study.

Certificates are not to be taken lightly simply because the time frame is shorter. Generally speaking, certificate courses will jump into the area of study more quickly. Less time is spent on covering general studies and background ideas in favour of more time spent on the area in question. Because of this however, it is more likely that a certificate will require some background education or experience. Be sure to look for this when researching online college degrees.