Different Areas of Study

Studying businessWith the availability of online materials and resources, there are many areas of study that can be completed through an online college degree. Distance education used to be quite limited in its offerings, but this has changed thanks to the Internet. Some of the more popular areas of study include:

  • Business training: A broad area of study that we will examine in greater detail on the next page.
  • General Arts: Sometimes referred to as general education, this field will provide you with a background in the social sciences, literature, and history, usually of the United States.
  • Sociology: A more specialized social science dealing with human social behaviour, issues and problems.
  • Psychology: The study of human behaviour. Some specialized branches include counselling psychology and criminal psychology.
  • Information Technology: Deals with computing, technology and programming. Often leads to careers in systems administration and network specialization.
  • Technical and Vocational Training: Includes specific crafts and skills such as culinary arts, certain health care occupations, mechanics and other trades.

Learning e-businessPerhaps the fastest growing area of study through an online college degree is business. This is mainly because it is one of the most diverse topics to study with fields ranging from accounting, management, marketing, administration, and of course, e-business. It is also one of the fastest changing areas of study, thanks the Internet.

E-business is an emerging field that requires a new set of skills to master. In fact, nearly all areas of business have been affected by new technologies. An online college degree can not only be very valuable on its own, but can also greatly enhance the value of an existing degree that you may already hold. For example, if you have completed some studies in general business, an e-business degree may be of particularly useful to you.