Written work and participation

You will generally be graded on your written work such as papers, reports, case studies and critiques. A good feature about some classes and teachers is that they will weigh your class participation as well. This will not only reward you for interacting with your classmates and teachers, but adds extra incentive to keep up-to-date in your studies.

The average term paper is usually 4-6 pages long (1000-1250 words approximately) and most courses will require at least one. Fortunately, much of the research you will have to do can easily be done through the Internet. If no research is required you will be required to complete some case studies.

Case Studies are a popular and useful evaluation tool.

For example, you could be presented with a real life business situation like the one below, and will have to propose solutions:

In the area of human resource management you are presented with the problem of an overworked staff with sinking morale yet with sales that continue to be strong. What do you propose? How do you put your plan into action?

Not only would you be graded on the research and way that you present your solutions, but also in how effective they may be in real business situations. Expect classes to have a grading system based evenly on class participation, written work and group work.