Like just about everything else on the Internet, the number of institutions offering online degrees seems to grow everyday. Remember, more does not always mean better. Remember to avoid the degree that sounds too good to be true: in most cases it probably is!

Many institutions that offer online degrees also offer degrees through traditional means. If you choose to study at one of these schools you will be covering the exact same material, but through the Internet instead of the classroom. Others operate 100% online. Whichever type of institution you chose, the important thing is to research it very carefully.

There are 3 basic categories of institutions:

  • Online colleges: These are schools that operate 100% online, and naturally will only offer programs of study which are suitable.
  • Traditional schools with online courses: Many traditional schools have embraced online distance learning and gone to great lengths to be successful at it. They often offer diverse studies at their campus, however online courses are limited to their specialities.
  • Traditional schools using online elements in existing courses: Some traditional schools offer online courses which may require attendance on campus occasionally. These cases are quite rare, and generally are just a side project to a traditional school.


Many reputable schools will offer a broad range of programs, allowing you to choose which stream of study to focus in on. Other schools focus on one area of study with advanced certificates related to that field. When researching schools look for good course offerings in the area of study that interests you.