Types of Degrees

You will have a choice between a variety of different degrees, certificates and diplomas. Usually each degree has its own set of prerequisites too, so it is best to check the prerequisites before choosing a degree. A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree usually takes longer to complete than a certificate or diploma. Here is a brief breakdown of each.

  • Bachelor’s Degree: Generally considered the first level of college study. A high school degree is usually the main prerequisite. It is quite rare that an online school will request S.A.T. scores. A complete Bachelor’s degree usually takes between 2-4 years to complete. Some schools also have minimum age requirements. Always check to make sure.
  • Certificates: Also require a high school background, but will occasionally require some prerequisites such as work experience related to the field, or some completed courses.
  • Master’s Degrees: Includes Master’s in Business Administration for business students (M.B.A.)and are usually obtained after completion of a Bachelor’s degree. They often involve writing a thesis paper as the bulk of the evaluation. Master’s degrees are usually completed within 1-2 years. The scope of study is usually much more focused than that of the Bachelor’s degree.
  • Diplomas and Certificates: Can often be used towards Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees but more often are completed on their own. They take less time to complete (usually a year or less) and will provide a foundation for further study or a foundation for a particular job. A diploma or certificate is a quicker, less detailed degree of study that can still add value to your resume and provide a solid background in a given topic.